About ANJ

Aiki Nintai Juku is dedicated to the study of the physical and spiritual culture of Japan.

In particular budō (武道).

It is our theory and experience that therein lies much knowledge that, apart from being interesting in itself, has many applications in our daily life to benefit our physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

We practice in the spirit and tradition of Takeji Tomita Sensei and are proud to be affiliated with Takemusu Aiki, Tomita Academy.

Tomita Sensei is continually working and studying to further the knowledge and understanding of Budo to the benefit of his students.

We, the Aiki Nintai Juku, strive to honour this and continue to work in this spirit as we have the rare opportunity to spiral so close to the source.

Takeji Tomita Sensei

ANJ with Tomita Sensei during summercamp 2018

Tomas Joanson, 5 dan

Head instructor of ANJ

János Déak, 4 dan

Senior instructor JÄRVSÖ

Johan Emilsson, 3 dan


Elena Tuzinkiewicz, 2 dan